Thursday, October 15, 2009


Business; whether it be online, in an office or in a store, in some cases it can often be a complex area to deal with, which is why the right information is the key to its success, especially online where it can be harder to talk to someone. It is because of these aspects plus many more that this Business section on Article Alley exists. Within this Business section you will find various articles on certain subject areas, all of which are of course connected to Business. With more and more people deciding to set up business on the Internet this section aims to help you in everyway that we can whatever business you are involved in. Our database is full of business articles that are waiting to be read and used by you so take advantage of our service today

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Create a Custom IT Policy Portfolio for Your Company in Minutes

Managing IT in any business is like herding cats. You have employees telecommuting, using the internet, instant-messaging, installing software, etc. The one thing that you can expect is the unexpected. And chaos is inevitable unless you are able to develop and enforce clear IT policies throughout the company.
Sure, your company has rules for using technology. But are you continually encountering gray areas? Do you have people in your company who like to "push the envelope" with their computer privileges? Do you find that you and your company just spend way too much time defining rules?
We can help. IT Business Edge has partnered with the Info~Tech Research Group to bring you The Complete IT Policy Kit. This time-saving package will provide you with a complete library of IT policy templates. Plus, you get the tips, techniques and advice you need to successfully apply these policies.

Many people depending on the government.

I wrote this my aricle and built my products such as cash flow board game because we have approached the end of the indutrial age and rushing into information age. My point as an individual .looking at the generation forward we can not properly handled or prepared to handle the diference between the industrial age and information age and one of those retirement age.The idea of going to schol ,graduating get a safe and secure job was a good idea for the people born before 1930s.Today evry one needs to go to school to learn to gewt a god job but we also need to know how to invest and invetment is not a subject tauhgt in colleges or universities.One of the hangover of the industrial age is that too many people have become dependent on the government to solve their personal problems.Every one today is facing a biger problem because of over dependent on government for their financial problem solution.It is reviewed by the 2020 about two and seventy five millions americans with over one hundred millions of them expecting some kind of government support.They includes military retires,postal workers,federal employees,school teachers and many others expecting social security and medicare payment .They sre correct because on one way or the other most have been investing in that promise and unforturnately many promise made for years and the new billing is coming due ,never believe that financial promises can be kept when government begins to raise taxes, many promise made by government may not be fufilled mainly when economic meltdown begins to occur affecting government income.My good people of the world learn how to make your own income ,manage your own cash even when your working for government.Enjoy your world,grab move loaded information at

Grab More Revenue from Other Language Countries

Grab the revenues of advertisers targeting audiences that speak French, German, Spanish Dutch and 14 different languages with KC's Multi Language support. KC is the only Keyword Engine that gets you high paying keywords from 14 other languages and lets you reach a much larger audience, thus making you more money

Grab More Revenue from Other Language Countries

Grab the revenues of advertisers targeting audiences that speak French, German, Spanish Dutch and 14 different languages with KC's Multi Language support. KC is the only Keyword Engine that gets you high paying keywords from 14 other languages and lets you reach a much larger audience, thus making you more money

IT does not take huge capital to make huge profit

This article is to review how some people have being homeless,having nothing,living beyond poverty level and suprisely these people became legitimate millionaires, i often hear people saying it takes big capital or cash investment to make huge profit or become rich. I totally disagree with that, bescause i have seen many people who are homeless,living under debts years back and became rich years ahead without thousands or millions of dollar investment .This also applies to education,it does not take a good formal education before you can became rich.Most time financial freedom had nothing to do with what you learnt in university or college.Many successful people like Bill Gate,Michael Dell,Ralph Lauren,Tedd Turner, Henery Ford, Steve Job ,Aliko Dangogate of nigeria did not recieve a university degree before they became a multi-millionaires and billionaires.They worked for theirseves and became self made millionaires and billionaires.We all have heard of many millionaires,billionaires,people making huge capital with little or capital investment from their bedroom ,example is Zurberg C.E.O of Facebook that worlth over $6billions and many others,you should agree with me that being a millionaire or becoming a millionaire is not all about having a university degree.A college or university degree is important for traditional profession but for wealth break through it takes a dream,alot of determination,a willingness to learn quickly and the ability to use your God given talent properly and to know which sector of cash flow menthod to generateyour income from.I appeal and wish all money and cash your pocket,you family and freinds will become the next self made millionaire with little or capital investment ,you became debt free for ever.So did not miss the secret of wealth of creation without spending much cash and time.Kindly check out

Monday, August 31, 2009

Manage your income or remain trapped by debt.

You will agree with me that ninety nine percent of the world population, working on the left side is simply because that is the side they were taught in schools .When they left school they became deeply in debts in the sense that they are ready to do any thing or job just pay the bills. Many times i came across many young people who recieved their university degree along with the bill for their university loans.Several of them have reported being depressed,when they found out they are about $100,000 to $300.000.00 in debt for their university education.When their parents paid for their bills ,their parents are strapped financially for years .So make yourself for ever millionaire,stop asking fo loan.
I understood that most people today will recieve a credit card while still in school and will be in debt for the rest their life ,that is because they are often following a script that was popular in the industrial age.When you take a look at a life of an average educated people ,their financial script often goes like this,the child goes to school after graduation he or she found a job start new life,living big ,he or she can afford to rent an apartment,buy electronics sets,new clothes,furnitures and fine car, later the bill begings to come .The graduate later one day met a lover and got married and now they can afford to buy house because of they double income and they drow big party and live in mortage house. Later they got a child and the child is now school ,they couple worked harder to meet their financial standard because they are three monthts away from financial bankruptcy.So do want or like to be trapped by debt or manage your income ,living under debts or loans is an industrial age format which is old school,the new format is information age which is new a school ,living big by managing and making your own income both as student or house wife.
MY dear readers do not be trapped .i wish you debt free ,income pipe for not miss this blogs for loaded information.Nice time be richer