Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Many people depending on the government.

I wrote this my aricle and built my products such as cash flow board game because we have approached the end of the indutrial age and rushing into information age. My point as an individual .looking at the generation forward we can not properly handled or prepared to handle the diference between the industrial age and information age and one of those retirement age.The idea of going to schol ,graduating get a safe and secure job was a good idea for the people born before 1930s.Today evry one needs to go to school to learn to gewt a god job but we also need to know how to invest and invetment is not a subject tauhgt in colleges or universities.One of the hangover of the industrial age is that too many people have become dependent on the government to solve their personal problems.Every one today is facing a biger problem because of over dependent on government for their financial problem solution.It is reviewed by the 2020 about two and seventy five millions americans with over one hundred millions of them expecting some kind of government support.They includes military retires,postal workers,federal employees,school teachers and many others expecting social security and medicare payment .They sre correct because on one way or the other most have been investing in that promise and unforturnately many promise made for years and the new billing is coming due ,never believe that financial promises can be kept when government begins to raise taxes, many promise made by government may not be fufilled mainly when economic meltdown begins to occur affecting government income.My good people of the world learn how to make your own income ,manage your own cash even when your working for government.Enjoy your world,grab move loaded information at

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