Tuesday, September 1, 2009

IT does not take huge capital to make huge profit

This article is to review how some people have being homeless,having nothing,living beyond poverty level and suprisely these people became legitimate millionaires, i often hear people saying it takes big capital or cash investment to make huge profit or become rich. I totally disagree with that, bescause i have seen many people who are homeless,living under debts years back and became rich years ahead without thousands or millions of dollar investment .This also applies to education,it does not take a good formal education before you can became rich.Most time financial freedom had nothing to do with what you learnt in university or college.Many successful people like Bill Gate,Michael Dell,Ralph Lauren,Tedd Turner, Henery Ford, Steve Job ,Aliko Dangogate of nigeria did not recieve a university degree before they became a multi-millionaires and billionaires.They worked for theirseves and became self made millionaires and billionaires.We all have heard of many millionaires,billionaires,people making huge capital with little or capital investment from their bedroom ,example is Zurberg C.E.O of Facebook that worlth over $6billions and many others,you should agree with me that being a millionaire or becoming a millionaire is not all about having a university degree.A college or university degree is important for traditional profession but for wealth break through it takes a dream,alot of determination,a willingness to learn quickly and the ability to use your God given talent properly and to know which sector of cash flow menthod to generateyour income from.I appeal and wish all money and cash your pocket,you family and freinds will become the next self made millionaire with little or capital investment ,you became debt free for ever.So did not miss the secret of wealth of creation without spending much cash and time.Kindly check out


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